El Mocanal

A charming traditional farmhouse.

The picturesque village of El Mocanal –located in the isle’s North and the most populated in this ancient windward area– is surrounded by pastures and crops. This traditional farmhouse sits very close to Pozo de las Calcosas, a bathing area with spectacular natural pools and crystalline waters. Also famous are the handmade artisanal carpets prepared for the occasion of Corpus Christi, a religious event that draws a large number of visitors every year, and the Montañetas, where crops are still being cultivated today. A lovely setting that seduces those in search of peace of mind, with the unique beauty this charming farmhouse and surrounding landscapes have to offer. 



Corners to appreciate the passing of time. 

El Mocanal has become a transit point for all travellers entering or leaving Valle de El Golfo through Los Roquillos tunnel. Its agricultural nature gives this town a special charm, and its corners maintain its traditional architecture, with narrow small streets and squares that are a testament to the slow passage of time. Visiting the historic San Pedro church of San Pedro is highly recommended. It was built in the seventeenth century and enlarged in the nineteenth century in Mudejar and Mozarabic styles unique in the world. Traditions also remain intact in the beautiful village of Herreña, preserving its distinctive character.

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