El Tamaduste

The Tamaduste natural pool is one of the most exceptional places on the island. It is perfectly conditioned for bathing, and has a dry shelter for small crafts inside, the Cueva de las Barcas. Visitors can walk along a path connecting the Mirador de la Peña vantage point and the northeast area of the coastal town of El Tamaduste. Starting at an altitude of 700 m above sea level, the trail descends and runs along staggering cliffs overlooking the coast. It travels across Mirador de la Peña, Mocanal, Pozo de las Calcosas and Charco Manso down to Tamaduste, at sea level. Tamaduste marks the end of the trail, with houses and apartments painted in white, providing a stark contrast with the surrounding black volcanic ashes. Also, La Fortaleza –another trail in Tamaduste–takes visitors on a tour along the coast and passes by the Roque de las Gaviotas.

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