Welcome to El pueblo de Isora. Located on the east of El Hierro, this picturesque mid-altitude village originated around the historical Azofa spring. Whether it is the volcanic stone houses, its beautiful walls and orchards or the combination of all three, this village preserves the allure of tradition and heritage. A place to reset and fill up with energy. Most of its houses have been restored and, together with its well cared for orchards, are a delight to the eye. Many of them have been reconverted into rural tourism accommodations, a real luxury where to spend a few days of peace and tranquillity. A walk along its green-flooded paths is imperative, as is a visit to its vantage point, which captivates visitors with its impressive views of Las Playas.

This lookout, at an altitude of almost 850m, offers an impressive perspective over the hollow of Las Playas, with its perfectly arch-shaped staggering cliffs. The by-product of a gravitational slide, it most likely occurred together with that of El Golfo, creating an inner bay on the hills that lead to a pleasant beach, right opposite the Roque de la Bonanza. It is the star choice of tourists visiting El Hierro, where only the blowing of the wind and the singing of native birds break the prevailing quietness.

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