La Caleta

Dive into crystal-clear waters.

In the municipality of Valverde, northeast of El Hierro, are the natural pools of La Caleta, an ideal bathing area with crystalline waters where at night you can hear the shearwaters sing in the darkness of the ocean. Next to the pools sit several archaeological sites of interest with cave art in the form of Libyco-Berber scripts, the language of the ancient inhabitants of the Canary Islands. In this charming natural environment, saltwater pools with direct access to the ocean allow visitors to bathe and enjoy a truly unforgettable experience.


A perfect place to unwind by the sea.

The natural beauty of the pools is augmented at high tide: its clean crystalline waters are ideal for swimming, diving or enjoying a fantastic fishing session. A walk along the promenade here is a mesmerizing experience, and when the night falls, the sky filled with stars creates a dreamlike atmosphere. The pools of La Caleta are the perfect place to unwind by the sea and enjoy a family day, and when the conditions are right and there is good water, this is a perfect place for scuba diving and angling

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