La Villa

Commonly known as La Villa, Santa María de Valverde –which is divided into two areas: Tesina and El Cabo– is the capital of both the municipality of Valverde and the island of El Hierro. This is the only non-coastal capital city in the archipelago. By the end of the 15th century, and the beginning of the Canarian conquest, the town belonged to the Señorío de los Condes de la Gomera estate, up until the 19th century when it gained political independence. The town hosts a heritage centre where visitors will find a whole series of 18th-century constructions and sculptures, such as the church of Santa María de la Concepción, which houses an image of the ‘Christ at the Column’ and a statue of the Virgin. Opposite the temple sits the town hall, of traditional Canarian architectural style. The village is divided into two areas, Tesine and El Cabo.

The town also marks the final stop on the Bajada de La Virgen de Los Reyes, Herreña’s most important festival, which is held every 4 years.

La Villa is the municipality’s administrative centre and home to the Island’s Council.

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