Los Aceviños Chapel

This is the biggest chapel in Hermigua, and it is located in the upper part of the municipality, in Los Aceviños, close to the Garajonay National Park. There is an inherent correlation between Los Aceviños and the chapel, and Mario Lhermet (a religious man of French ascendency, who came to Hermigua in the 1940s for religious matters). Since he fell in love with the place, he thought necessary to build a religious building. He proposed to build the chapel with vaults himself in the middle of the neighborhood. The temple was built but modified a few years ago. Its surroundings offer a very nice playground as well as a vast square, from where the visitor can see the town. At first, this chapel was meant to be devoted to el Sagrado Corazón de Jesús (the Sacred Heart of Jesus), and it is currently devoted to the feast of San Benito de Abad, on July 11th. For the celebration of this day, Los Aceviños welcome those neighbors from Los Aceviños that live in Tenerife. This is one of the greatest festivities in the island, since it is characterized by the presence of los romanceadores (romancers), tocadores (players), and the bailadores (dancers) of one of the most identitarian customs of the peoples of La Gomera: el Baile del Tambor (the drum dance).

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