Barranquillo Andrés

This area is located in the municipality of Mogán, about 650 meters above sea level, with approximately 100 inhabitants and is characterized by being a rural landscape neighborhood, crowned by Tamaranae dragos and with economic attractions for its growing viticulture. In ornithology you can discover many interesting birds characteristic of the area: road bisbita (Anthus berthelotii), trumpet bullfinch (Bucanetes githagineus), wild canary (Serinus canaria), warbler, herrarillo, blue finch (Fringilla Polatzequi) .It was an important Aboriginal transfer site and settlement that evolved in the island’s protohistory as an indigenous settlement in caves, and after the conquest, at the beginning of the 18th century, the boundaries of realengo began in the lands between the Mountain of Taurus and the sea . The largest dam by height and volume of those found in the Canary Islands and which was built over a decade between 1962 and 1972 is near here.

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