Our Lady of Lourdes (El Cedro) Chapel

The founding of the chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes took place on a Sunday in August 1935. The fact that there is a chapel in El Cedro is owed to an English lady named Florence Stephan Parry. Mrs. Stephan, or Doña Florencia as she was called, came to La Gomera to be the governess for the children of Don Mario Novaro Parodi, an Italian married on the island and owner of a cannery located in La Cantera, belonging to the municipality of Alajeró. Once she retired, Mrs. Stephan built the Casa de la Paz in Hermigua and put all her efforts into building a chapel in the middle of the forest of El Cedro devoted to Our Lady of Lourdes. In the summer of 1935, her dream came true when the chapel was inaugurated. This event brought hundreds of peoples, as shown in the attached pictures. 

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