San Andrés

The agricultural village of San Andrés has a privileged view from the nearby vantage point of Jinama. This high-altitude village had its church built in the 17th century, only to be restored and rebuilt on several ocasions throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. Between 1745 and 1757 the temple was shielded, with its surroundings defined by the construction of a stone wall around it. The old road connecting the towns of Tiñor and San Andrés runs along the eastern flank of the island’s earliest volcanic formation: the Tiñor geological complex. As well as virtually any village and hamlet in the island’s rural areas, Tiñor offers a distinctive peacefulness that draws quietness and nature lovers. During its local festivities –the Fiesta de la Apañada–, the village also hosts the most important cattle fair in El Hierro, which commemorates the traditional cattle trade in the region. Here lies also the famous Garoé tree, a sacred symbol to the bimbaches, the early inhabitants of El Hierro.

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