San Juan de la Caleta Chapel

Hermigua has another chapel devoted to San Juan Bautista. In 1950, a neighbor of the town named Ramona Sánchez Fragoso asked the city council for financial aid in order to repair the temple. 250 were given for the sanctuary, which is situated on one of the most incredible beaches in the island, La Caleta beach. La Caleta, which is near to the valley of Hermigua, is a perfect place to enjoy and relax, mostly in summer. The chapel, built by the own neighbors, was repaired a few years ago. It is specifically located a few meters away from the sand of the beach, and it is surrounded by beautiful tarajales which bring color to the landscape. The feast in honor of San Juan used to gather many pilgrims on this beach in Hermigua. The parrandas (parties) with guitars and other string instruments used to bring joy on those days. Now, this feast is held on the following Sunday after San Juan.

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