San Juan de las Cabezadas Chapel

This chapel’s location importance is due to the beautiful landscape that can be enjoyed from this spot. The chapel is found in La Montañeta (Las Cabezadas). It is known that the chapel was being finished around 1948. In August, Mr. Gregorio García, head of the committee in charge of collecting donations with the aim of finishing building the chapel, asked the city council for financial aid. 250 pesetas were given. From this religious building, it can be seen almost the whole valley of Hermigua. This place is, undoubtedly, a must visit for those who want to know about our municipality. The religious feast takes place every year on June 24th, when the whole town and even people coming from Tenerife celebrate this day. At night, before San Juan, the bonfires of the neighbors are lit, causing the valley of Hermigua to be lit up in such a magical night. As the rest of Hermigua’s chapels, this is also a small building with an annexed square.

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