Santa Catalina’s Chapel

From a historical point of view, this is one of the most singular places in Hermigua. Located on the beach from which it takes the name, there are historical testimonies about this chapel dating from the 15th century. According to some chroniclers, Portuguese conquerors, during that century, could build the chapel devoted to Santa Catalina on the beach. In the 18th century, one of the most prolific historians of the Canary Islands, Sir Viera y Clavijo, wrote that some Moorish pirates attacked on the island, tearing apart the image of Virgin Santa Catalina, burning the chapel in the incursion.  The image that is nowadays preserved in the temple is a very different one from that described by Sir Viera y Clavijo. The feast is usually celebrated on the first Monday of October. The chapel has reduced dimensions, being very close to the beach as well as to the local swimming pool.

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