The Cross of The Wind

The Cross of the Wind is located near the municipal boundary that separates Hermigua from the neighboring municipality of Agulo and it is right on the old royal road that served as a communication route between both towns. Thanks to the invaluable oral contribution of a neighbor of this town, doña Felicidad Mesa Piñero, we have managed to obtain some interesting information about this cross. The location of the wooden cross in this specific place was due to the promise made by a neighbor of Llano Campos. Nevertheless, the reason for the promise remains unknown. The residents of El Tabaibal used to cover the cross with branches on May 2nd and great festivities used to be celebrated singing the following romance upon returning from the enrame (covering the cross with branches): “From covering the cross with branches we return as happy as we came, from covering the cross with branches Mary today your day is celebrated ” In addition to dances, food was shared in an act of fraternity among all the neighbors, standing out the family of the “González” and Gumersindo Hernández and his family too, among many others. Nowadays, this tradition of enramar the cross by the neighbors has been lost, given their advanced age.

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