The crosses of the Poyata

In the neighborhood of La Poyata, there has been a tradition that commenced centuries ago which consists on moving and covering a cross with branches on the 3rd of May of each year. It is known that one of the first neighbors who was in charge of the ascent of the cross on the 3rd of May, el Día de la Cruz (Day of the Cross), was Don Manuel Marichal Izquierdo. On such a day, parrandas (parties) were celebrated by the residents of La Poyata and nearby neighborhoods. The place chosen to cover the cross with branches is called La Portaleja. Now, it is Don Andrés Negrín González, the person in charge of ascending the cross each year. The original wooden cross was replaced by a new one; however, the original one was blessed by the parish priest of Hermigua a few years ago. As a tribute to those neighbors who continued this tradition but are no longer among us, some years ago, the cross was covered with tress by preparing a heart-shaped decoration. Today few are the neighbors who keep the tradition. The cross is taken to La Portaleja and covered with branches on May 2nd. The next day, on May 3rd and after the celebration, the cross is returned to the neighborhood again.

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