Barranco de Tequerey

The Barranco de Tequerey, whose name is of pre-Hispanic origin, is also popularly known as Barranco de Teguerey or Teguereyde. It is characterized by its extraordinary scenic beauty and by housing animal and plant species of great scientific interest, many of them classified as threatened.

The ravine runs within the limits of the Betancuria Rural Park, characterized by being the largest protected natural area on the island of Fuerteventura.

In this ravine we will have the opportunity to contemplate plant species such as Canarian lavender (Lavandula canariensis), sea rosemary (Campylanthus salsoloides), green (Kleinia neriifolia) and cuernúa (Caralluma burchardii); and animals, such as the Canary stonebird (Saxicola dacotiae ssp dacotiae), the Canary crow (Corvus corax ssp canariensis), the trumpeter bullfinch (Bucanetes githagineus ssp amantum) or the guirre (Neophron percnopterus ssp majorensis).

At the same time, we will be able to contemplate singular geological formations such as the La Peñita syenite. Also, archaeological remains of the ancient inhabitants of the island in the form of shepherds’ refuges and corrals. In addition, this ravine offers traditional farming systems such as gavias, cadenas and nateros).