Degollada Tasarte

At the height 660 m. we find this Degollada that is precisely the division of the municipalities of Mogán and La Aldea de San Nicolás. Crossroads of many rural paths, it is the beginning of the MacroRuta de Mogán, for centuries it was the Camino Real that linked both municipalities before the arrival of motor vehicles and the opening of the current road. In this enclave there is a representative sculpture of the stick jump or club jump. It is an activity with aboriginal reminiscences. The old shepherds had the need to move from one place to another by land with great slopes such as ravines and cliffs. They developed this ability, which they resorted to in their daily chores, with the help of a long stick that needed to be a little smoothed to allow the sliding of the hands. In addition, they finished it in sharp point to be able to nail it and sometimes they added an animal horn that, after the conquest of the Canary Islands, became metal.

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