From this plain we can enjoy a spectacular perspective and impressive views: La Degollada de Los Granadillos and Las Peñitas Dam.

La Degollada of Los Granadillos

La Degollada de Los Granadillos is also known as the Degollada de Terequey or Teguereyde.

In the Canary Islands, the depression of a height, generally of a ridge, which serves as a passage from a ravine to another ravine or from one hillside to another hillside, is known as degollada. It is a common term in the Canary Islands, equivalent to the hills mountain passes of the Iberian Peninsula.

Before reaching la degollada, in the valley, it is possible to find cadenas, nateros and gavias, the main farming systems used on the island of Fuerteventura.

Las Peñitas Dam

Las Peñitas Dam is a hydraulic masonry infrastructure built between 1939 and 1943, characterized by its large wall 22 meters high, made from water, sand, lime and stones. It is one of the few existing dams on the island.

Although it is characterized by its great wall of 22 meters high, initially 30 meters were projected, but could not be completed. Its construction suffered a stop during the Civil War and resumed in the 40s.

Although it was once used to irrigate crops, especially tomatoes, it is currently in disuse because it has become clogged due to the accumulation of sediments, which prevents it from storing water.

In it we can find tarajales (Tamarix canariensis), shrubs with leaves and small flowers, which have been used for construction and to generate fuel, among others. Due to these uses, as well as to the presence of livestock, the population of tarajales has decreased considerably. It was even prohibited to cut their specimens due to the great exploitation they suffered.